Ampler Chicken

Ampler Chicken was created in 2017 with the acquisition of 70 Church’s Chicken quick service restaurants in Texas and New Mexico. Ampler Chicken is now the largest franchisee of Church’s Chicken and operates over 100 fast food restaurants.

As the largest growing franchisee, Ampler Chicken is always looking for great people to fill our Church’s Chicken jobs! Come start your career with Ampler Chicken today!

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Church’s Chicken Restaurants

You may already be familiar with Church’s Chicken for their delicious chicken meals. Church’s Chicken was founded in Texas in 1952 and quickly became a beloved restaurant for its enjoyable fried chicken and family-friendly environment.

Ampler owns and operates over 100 Church’s Chicken fast food restaurants. Church’s fried chicken is famous across the country, and Ampler offers the opportunity for committed and hardworking individuals to begin their career in this exciting atmosphere!

Church’s Chicken Jobs

Church’s Chicken is loved by everyone across the U.S and Ampler is looking for great people to grow and expand our Church’s Chicken locations. Ampler Chicken is a great place to start your career! Through our opportunities with Church’s Chicken jobs, you’ll grow and learn with us!

Start your career with Ampler by finding a Church’s Chicken job today!


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Ampler is looking to engage earnest individuals for our several Church’s Chicken quick service restaurants. Start your journey by finding your place in a Church’s Chicken restaurant today!

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